The Police Department Charlotte-Mecklenburg (CMPD) recently announced a new process for the process of certification applications for Visa U. The CMPD has been excessively delayed reviewing and processing all applications for certification of the Visa U, with many lasting more than a year.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe says His department will adopt new Procedures following criticism of Its handling of a program That encourages immigrant crime victims to help prosecute Their assailants.  Read more here:

I personally I met with several members of the CMPD including on several occasions about the delay that was taking review these requests. I’m happy that Major Diego Anselmo CMPD announced that it began a new process to expedite the review of all applications for certification for Visa U. Certification is the confirmation from the authorities that the person was the victim of a serious crime and which has cooperated, he is cooperating, or you may will cooperate with the authorities, which is a requirement for the application of the Visa U.

I have several clients who have been waiting CMPD response for several months and we hope that now receive responses from all soon.

Attaching here you can read the article in the Charlotte Observer where he discusses this ad and where I interviewed.