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Welcome to the Law Offices of Stefan R. Latorre, P.A. We are committed to aggressively and zealously representing our clients. Our firm’s attorneys have extensive trial experience representing our clients in personal injury, workers’ compensation, criminal defense, and immigration matters. Our greatest satisfaction comes from being able to use our knowledge and skills to help people when they need help the most. We are proud of the results we have been able to obtain for our clients either by settlement or as a result of trial in all levels of State court and federal court.

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Personal Injury Attorneys in Charleston, SC

If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else, you may be entitled to compensation. The insurance company for the at-fault driver may contact you and try to convince you to settle your case quickly. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Your case deserves a thorough investigation, so do not be rushed to settle with an insurance company or fail to get the medical attention you need. Let us evaluate your case at no charge and inform you if we can help you.

We are committed to protecting and vindicating the rights of people who are injured by the negligence of others. Our team of experienced attorneys has helped thousands of injured people and their families throughout the Carolinas and Florida. We do not get paid until we recover money for you. Call us for a Free Consultation!

Charleston Immigration Law Attorneys

Immigration Law is both complex and unpredictable. Often the process is too difficult and frustrating to navigate without the representation of an experienced immigration attorney. Because of its complexity, even the simplest process can sometimes be full of pitfalls. We have extensive knowledge and experience working with immigration agents, officials, and judges which we use in each case to obtain the best outcome for our clients. We are committed to providing the highest quality and efficient legal services to our clients.

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Charleston

If you have been injured at work, you need someone to help you obtain compensation and medical treatment and look after your best interest. There is a complex legal process involved in making a claim for a workers’ compensation case. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help ensure you get the best possible settlement. You may end up with less than you deserve if you try to settle on your own.

We can review your case at no cost to you and inform you if we can help you. We can also inform you whether you might have a claim against someone other than your employer. Let us help you with your case today!

Charleston Criminal Defense Attorneys

When people are accused of a crime, they face the terrible possibility of going to jail. We can help you get a second chance. At the Law Offices of Stefan R. Latorre we have a team of experienced lawyers and legal professionals dedicated to helping people obtain a second chance and obtain the best representation and defense of their rights. Let us help you get your second chance! Call us so we could review your case at 1.800.966.6769

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