Back to School 8-21-4Back to School 8-21-9More than 2000 people were present at the community event Back to School organized by lawyer Stefan R. Latorre, this Friday, August 21. Where we donated a thousand backpacks and school supplies, accompanied by various activities for children, such as inflatable games, payazitos, different seasons of games with prizes, food and all completely free. A very satisfying way to give a little to our community.

Sandra Cano, the mother of two children was present from 4:30 pm and told us Latorre thanked the lawyer for his generosity to support the Hispanic community and said they knew of him and his work, and listening daily the radio program “the Truth of the Law” which he said has learned a lot and very well educated about the laws and their rights.

The event started at 6pm and lasted until 8:30 but Sandra mentioned that came early because I wanted to make sure that their children could obtain the gift of a free backpack with school and enjoy the event. And Sandra, gave row around the building, children with their parents early on came to enjoy the event.

Church organizations like the Hispanic Siloe sent their teachers and Sunday school oragnizaron to bring about 40 children from his church where everyone could receive their backpacks and have a good time before the start of classes.

With this event, our firm wishes to children in our community a successful 2015-2016 school year.

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Back to School 8-21-6


Hundreds of children received free school backpacks and Hispanic Attorney Stefan Latorre to support children's education.