Rebecca is a Mexican mother more than ten years ago came to the United States seeking a better future. Today and after being the victim of a mugging, he got his Visa U thanks to the support received by the lawyer Stefan Latorre.

“I came to visit the lawyer Latorre who immediately took my case. In two months I had my work permit and now my visa.Everything went very fast, all accomplished in less than a year, “said Rebecca.

Rebeca was the victim of a mugging in Charlotte in 2011, where he was threatened with a gun. While he was unhurt, this situation allowed to make application for visa.

“I’m happy because with this many things are accomplished,” said the mother of three daughters, two of them American, who now can look without fear of being expelled from the country at any time.

Now the priority is to travel to Mexico Rebeca to visit his oldest daughter and her parents, who has not seen for over ten years.

Rebecca received her visa at the office of Attorney Stefan Latorre.

“To all who have cases similar to mine, I recommend you come with the lawyer Stefan Latorre, who is very good, helped me a lot and I’m very happy,” he said Rebeca.


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