The Supreme Court of the United States, announced this week that it will review the appeal by the Government of President Obama’s suspension of executive actions on immigration.

As it is known, in November 2014 President Obama announced one of its executive actions in creating a deferred action for parents who are citizens or residents known as DAPA, under the concept of deferred action for Young Students children already known as DACA, which also extended the work permit for three years.

However, this was suspended since a federal court in the state of Texas sued the implementation of these measures. Now, the Supreme Court decided to review the case and judges are expected to hear the arguments of both parties in April and so make a decision in late June or early July.

If the decision is favorable, more than five million people could benefit. These people especially would the thousands of parents of children and young American citizens or permanent residents who have so far had no choice to achieve immigration status.

With the Deferred Action for Parents (DAPA), these parents would have under deportation and permit renewable every three years, allowing them to improve their quality of life and their families to be able to join in the workplace safely with fair wages and benefits law.

These executive actions also include expanding the group of people who could benefit from DACA program. Its goal is to prevent the deportation of thousands of young people who entered the country as children within undocumented families.

However, deferred action is not amnesty, nor is permanent, if not a renewable permit. This has become a valuable opportunity for young people, and now possibly their parents able to stop any threat of deportation, to continue their studies while accessing a work permit now would be renewable every three years.

Remember at this time these actions are suspended and in the process of being revised. We have to await the decision of the Supreme Court. It is important to be ready and attentive to get these benefits if the Supreme Court decides to approve these actions.

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