“It’s something I never, I thought that would never make dreamed, but thanks to the lawyer Stefan Latorre had this opportunity.” Noah narrates the joy you feel when receiving your visa after living 18 years in the United States without legal status.

Noah came from Guatemala in search of a better life to let him help her family. 14 years lives in Charlotte, and was there several years ago was the victim of a mugging. Today that bad time allowed him access to a U visa

“I tell friends, neighbors and family lawyer Stefan Latorre is a lawyer who treat us well, tell us what it is, because I did not expect this, but as I said it was, and am very grateful.”

Noah and Eve have two Americans by those who have always worked and fought in this country children. Therefore it says, now that the four are legal they have left is to continue working to bring the family along.

“Now our plan is to continue legal work safer, throw forward and move forward.”

This Guatemalan, who met his Mexican wife here in America, says he recommends all who have been victims of crime seeking support. “To all who have been victims of a mugging, like me, I tell them they can trust the lawyer Stefan Latorre”.

Noe and Eve the day they received their documents in the offices of Attorney Stefan Latorre.

“So if there is someone who can fight his dream because that one comes to this country, to fight, to take forward the family, do not stop looking for the opportunity to seek the lawyer Stefan Latorre, who is an honest person, who tells you what it is, “Noah finished.


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