Federal authorities said the District Attorney Gastonia County, Locke Bell, continue not denying assistance and services of his office for victims of crime who are seeking legal residency through the Visa U.

Officials of the Office of High Authority Association of the United States (US Attorney’s Office) met privately with Mr. Bell in reference to their refusal to process claims of Latino victims simply because they were attacked by Latinos.

Mr. Bell’s statements have been considered a federal violation of discrimination so it is recommended to people who have been affected by this policy of Mr. Bell to seek legal assistance from an immigration attorney asserting their rights and advocate for your particular case.

Visa U, as it is popularly known, was created in 2000 by the US Congress and has benefited about 10,000 victims per year suffered some form of violence on American soil as domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking human, among others.

Interested in starting the process of the Visa U need the assistance of an attorney to obtain confirmation and signing of documents of organizations that verify the assault as a crime (certification) by the Police Department, the Office of the District Attorney or the Judge same. Once the verification documents are processed by the Federal Government who in turn conducts an investigation and determines whether the U visa is approved

If formerly the County Attorney Gastonia refused to sign the certification for the reason that the crime was caused by a Latino, you should probably try to get re-certification. The Law Offices of Stefan R. Latorre again apply for certification free. This offer is for a limited time.

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