The new CAM program (Central America Minors Refugee / Parole Program) for its acronym in English, is a new initiative of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration The United States focused on benefiting children left behind when a parent (or both) have migrated to the northern country.

The request must be made by one of the child’s parents legally residing in the United States and meet the following requirements: be at least 18 ANSÒS old; have a valid permanent residence legal immigration status; TPS (Temporary Protection); have obtained a deferred action of childhood (CCIP); or it has been approved for a category of at least one year of Parole, Deferred Action Deportation Deferred or Time Extension Approved Wait. Once the parent meets these requirements is considered Father / Mother Eligible.

All children on the contrary, must originate and reside in one of the three Central American countries approved at the time: El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. For a child to be considered eligible for the program CAM must be under 21 years of age;being single (a); and being the son (a) biological, legally adopted or step (a) of the Father / Mother Eligible to ask.

Other options Minor : In some special cases, the children of children who are being solicited by a Parent / Eligible could also qualify and be included in the same request. Both minors must be under 21 years at the time of the socilitud.

Other Beneficiaries: The CAM program is designed for children under age, however in some cases the parent of a child who is being requested and that is NOT the Father / Mother Eligible, may also be included in the same request. there are certain conditions to include a parent at the request of a minor CAM program:

  • Mother / Father must be part of the family and economic core of the child’s home requested
  • Mother / Father must be legally married (a) with the Father Eligible requesting
  • Mother / Father must continue married (a) with the Father Eligible requesting

 Application Process:

Mother / Father Eligible must file Form 7699 Form DS-called ” Affidavit of Relationship (AOR) for Minors Who Are Nationals of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and”  (CAM-AOR for its acronym in English).

The form can only be obtained and processed by the Resettlement Agency (RA). The request has no deadline other than the age of the child away from light and not 21 years of age and is free of charge.

There is a requirement blood test to prove paternity of the Father / Mother Eligible blood in cases of parental relationship. The eligible parent must cover the costs of DNA testing in American territory. Once the biological relationship between Father / Mother and the child has been confirmed, the Father / Mother will be compensated for expenses incurred in the same.

For a list of the Talent Agencies where interested should contact a representative to initiate the application of the CAM program (CAM-AOR) visit the Web site Processing Center for Refugees State Department (Department of State, Refugee Processing Center) to https : //

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