“My dream came true thanks to the support of lawyer Stefan Latorre. Already got my green card! “Said Monica Encarnacion, who 17 years ago came from Mexico to the United States.

“We’re happy, happy,” noted Monica, who next to her husband Edgar Ramirez, arrived at the offices of attorney Latorre for his dream card.

“The lawyer Latorre did an excellent job because in less than a year I had my card. Now I can travel to Mexico, “said Monica. He also said he consulted with other lawyers without obtaining good results. So when he was about to lose his Visa decided to put in the expert hands of Stefan Latorre your case. Now you feel calm and happy to have your green card.

“To me they recommended me to the lawyer Latorre and I’m here. I also have my daughter, my sister and my husband.Recommend Latorre because the lawyer did an excellent job, a very good job when I was about to lose my Visa, “Monica said.

He said it now expects her husband Edgar can also be fortunate to achieve your documents. For now, the first thing he will do is visit his grandfather in Mexico who already has 98 years.

“Every day I hear the program Latorre lawyer, the truth of the Law, that encourages me to recommend, because listening to people and help through the radio,” concluded Monica.


Monica with her husband Edgar, the day he received his green card hands Attorney Stefan Latorrre.

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