“I am very happy to achieve forgiveness and residence.” With this sentence, Juan Jimenez Sebastián summarizes what he felt after receiving their green card hands lawyer Stefan Latorre.

John arrived eleven years ago to the United States from Guatemala. To enter without the necessary documents, his wife had to apply for a pardon for him so we can stay together next to her two young children.

“With the lawyer Stefan Latorre did the two processes, forgiveness and residence. When I left the consulate I was assured, as the Advocate Latorre told me that everything was in order and that there was no reason to deny me a visa. And so it was. ” Says John.

This young man of 29, who lives near Winston Salem with his family, highlights each morning listening to the program The Truth of the way Law to work. He adds that he feels very happy with the work that the lawyer Stefan Latorre did in his case, and therefore already has recommended to others. “I had very good experience,” he said.

John says that after receiving his green card will go to get their driver’s license and apply for job promotion.

“What I know is that I was very happy to return as a resident and feel that this whole process itself was worth it,” he said.



John happy to receive her residence in the United States.

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