July 27: Deadline to Return Work Permits (EAD) to USCIS

If you received approval of DACA and Document Employment Authorization (EAD) for three years after the of February 16, 2015, you are one of those who have until the 27th of this month to return it to the offices of Immigration and citizenship (USCIS) before your permit is revoked and approval of DACA is canceled.

The decision to recover the working papers of three years (EAD) and approvals DACA that were sent by mistake after February 16 this year, was based on the pronunciation of the court from that date to stop the expansion of the process DACA.

USCIS has made efforts to contact the affected pesonas from May through letters and phone calls to come to the immigration offices and return the employment authorization cards three years to be replaced by one of two years.

More than 1,000 people have already returned their cards but still more than half so that the immigration authorities have determined that those who do not return these cards employment authorization by the deadline their work permits will be revoked and approvals DACA canceled.

Also, the Office of Immigration and Citizenship (USCIS) will begin home visits to those who do not return the cards but if you already returned your card but still received a letter from USCIS where he requested the return of it is better to present visits the nearest immigration office to confirm their return.

No appointment is necessary to remove the INFOPASS to return the employment authorization cards (EAD) only to be present at immigration offices and show the letter you received from USCIS will give accesso.

The immigration authorities of the country pronounced that those who refuse to return the cards for Employment Authorization (EAD) will have their canceled from July and its process of DACA 31 and without the right to submit a new application for the time permits.

For more information you can hear the program “The truth of the law” every day at 7:30 am and drop the application to your phone. For questions about a case can be directed to our line in the cabin during the progam at 1-855-744-4744.

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