Fernando Achury recommends "The Truth of the Law" in Colombian Festival in Charlotte.

The satisfaction of our customers is our primary objective in our Hispanic Law Offices of Stefan Latorre why we care to know more about the opinions of Hispanics regarding our services.

During the Festival Colombiano newly weekend July 12 we received the words of one of the participants of the festival, the Colombian Fernando Achury who mentioned that always listens to the radio program “The Truth of the Law” Attorney Latorre.

Mr. Achury said he has heard the program and for several months and that although he personally did not need to call for any query, considered to be a very educational and useful for the Hispanic community learning program and legal aspects of otherwise he would not have access to learn them.

The Colombian recommends that all people have time in the morning to listen to the program as he does when he goes to work. He considers that programs such as the Attorney Latorre are not easy to find in this country and they are made to be heard.

Achury also gradeció the Office of the Attorney Latorre for his commitment to the Hispanic community in the United States to offer this program daily and free.

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