As a lawyer and as a Latino who I am, my mission has always been to guide them, support them and inform them about their rights, and you better remember it today December 18, date on which the International Migrants Day is commemorated.

An estimated 232 million people seeking a better life far from their families and home.

About 46 million have come to the United States for that purpose. However, 11 million people are here without legal status pending an immigration relief. Only in North Carolina there are 750,000 migrants.

Stefan Latorre I and my team, we want to send today to all of you who follow us through our website , warm greetings, and remind them that more migrants are people that you have rights and also duties.

So here we are, to inform them of the possibilities in search of a better life, to support them to take that road, to defend them in cases that require it and to invite them to continue fighting for their dreams with courage and bravery.

Today and always we join this celebration, and we know because we recognize the enormous contribution you all make to the economy and the social and cultural development of the city and the country.

Happy day to all migrants!

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