President Obama announced it will postpone its promise to use his executive power to change immigration laws.

The president had promised to use his executive power in late summer and possibly help millions of undocumented immigrants get a work permit. But he returned to break his promise. The president presented the excuse that if you use his executive power, will lessen the chances that would have immigration reform in the future. This is just an excuse. The truth is that its decision is entirely political. The president bowed to pressure from some Democrats who are worried that they may lose control of the Senate.

One of the reasons the president said he would use his executive power was because Congress had not acted. Congress will not reach an agreement because the two politicians, Democrats and Republicans, parties are too far apart and have good communication. The president should be a leader and meet with members of Congress from both political parties until they get enough support for a change in immigration law. Previous presidents did this successfully. But this president have no interest in being a leader. He likes giving speeches and promises.

By failing to act, the president again breaking his promise to immigrants, their families and the community that support and deserves much credit for winning his second season as president. Many in our community do not realize that this president has deported more people in five years than any other president. Now to break his promise to continue the deportation of thousands of immigrants and thousands continue hiding, unable to get a job or legally drive.

Presidents have to make difficult decisions. I am very disappointed in this president. I hope reconsider its decision and use his executive power to help our community.