Maria Cruz Rangel recommend Carter and husband Stefan Latorre Hispanic Attorney for the excellent service received to achieve forgiveness and to obtain permanent residence in less than two years.

For immigrants who entered the country without a visa north and married to an American citizen, ahoran have the option of forgiveness to adjust their immigration status and obtain permanent residence to live and work in the United States.

However, and although it sounds very encouraging, this forgiveness is not easy to get and only a lawyer with extensive experience and expertise in immigration laws can make it possible.

This was the experience of Maria Cruz Rangel, Mexican fifteen years of living in the United States and who used the services of Lawyer Stefan Latorre for setting immigration through their US citizen spouse.

Forgiveness was hard to get, but the Advocate Hispanic Latorre won today Residence for Rangel, who can enjoy the benefits of being a permanent resident of this country that is now his home.

“I got very scared at the beginning of the process, said Rangel, that I were to refuse or having to leave the country for my interview with immigration, but with the good work that the Advocate Latorre everything went well,” he said.

Rangel said that even took the opportunity to visit his family in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato for two weeks after his interview with immigration in Juarez, Mexico, and while waiting for the package with his visa that lasted less than a week.

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