The Pope’s visit to the United States Francisco was a fact of great importance to Latino Catholics who live here, and have seen their influence extends far beyond the members of the church.

On Thursday, in a historic speech before the United States Congress, Pope Francis asked Americans to accept immigrants from Latin America and around the world.
“Our world is facing a refugee crisis of unprecedented magnitude since the Second World War , “said the Pope. “Including thousands of people coming to North America in search of a better life , ” he added.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Francisco is the first leader of the Catholic Church comes from Latin America. The Pope has focused much of his work in defense of immigration policies and to show compassion for immigrants. English speaking slowly before hundreds of dignitaries and journalists, the Latin Pope said: “We the peoples of this continent are not afraid of foreigners, because most of us were strangers ever”. During his speech, Pope Francis also said that “we must not be intimidated by numbers rather look at people, their faces, hear their stories as we strive to assure our best response to their situation.” “A response must always be humane, just and fraternal. Let us beware of a contemporary temptation to dismiss everything that is problematic, “he said.

His message comes amid intense debate in the US policy on immigration and the millions of undocumented people in the country. The strong words of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump against immigration, have again put this issue on the table. Trump launched his campaign with strong comments against Mexico accusing him of sending “rapists” across the border. He has also promised that if elected president will build an impenetrable wall between Mexico and the United States.Perhaps this is why Pope Francis said before the Congress and the world that today “the challenge we face calls for a renewal of the spirit of collaboration that has produced so much good throughout the history of the United States.” He added that this challenge requires pooling resources and talents, and respect differences.

That is precisely what awaits the Latino community, Hispanic lawmakers, immigrant organizations and human rights defenders.The goal is for thousands of Latinos who have come to America to improve their quality of life, are able to make your dream come true with respect and fairness.

Several Republican presidential candidates also attended the speech, including Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham and in the visitors’ gallery, Ben Carson and Chris Christie. Bernie Sanders Senator, Democratic candidate for president, was also present.

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