Construction site injury is unfortunately all too common in North and South Carolina. Failure of contractors to enforce worker protection standards on job sites often results in serious injuries. Workers can be robbed of their health, employability, or life itself.

OSHA regulations and labor law set requirements for safety equipment, machinery maintenance, fall safety precautions, construction of scaffolding, placement of ladders, and a variety of other construction safety issues.
Job site injuries occur because of falls from heights, old or re-used safety harnesses, falling objects, equipment malfunction, ladder falls, or sometimes spectacular failures to observe basic safety precautions. Construction workers and visitors injured as a result deserve to be compensated for medical expenses, rehabilitation, long-term care, and lost wages.

Compensation for your injury on the job
If you’ve been injured, or if a loved one has been killed due to a construction site accident, contact an experienced New York construction accident attorney at The Stanley Law Offices in Syracuse, Johnson City, or Watertown. Our personal injury and Workers’ Compensation lawyers have extensive experience and a track record of success obtaining compensation for workers who’ve suffered from broken bones, fractures, burns back injury, brain damage, spinal cord trauma, or other serious injury.

Our investigation of your case
After you’ve received appropriate medical treatment, contact us for a free consultation . Once you’ve explored the options available in your case with one of our Workers’ Compensation or personal injury lawyers, we will begin an immediate, thorough investigation into all circumstances of your accident.

In your Workers’ Compensation case, we are prepared to assist you in filing claims in a timely and persuasive fashion. Meanwhile, we will pursue any related personal injury claims that can be made if dangerous property conditions or defective equipment contributed to your injury, or if you were a visitor—or even trespasser—on the construction site. You’ll owe no attorneys’ fees unless you collect compensation.

To schedule a free consultation with a North or South Carolina attorney, contact The Law Offices of Stefan R. Latorre by emailing us from our firm webpage or via phone at 704-344-0004.

  • 14th Jan, 2016